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What's Happening on Wall Street?

What's Happening on Wall Street: Episode 5

Happy Memorial Day! In Episode 5 we discuss 529 Education plans. What they are, how they benefit you and help your children, and what happens if your child skips college. If you have young children or see them in your future, you are not going to want to miss this!

What's Happening on Wall Street: Episode 4

In Episode 4 we briefly touch on current market metrics, like the latest inflation report. Then we dig into how young people can start investing to put themselves in a better position for the future. We discuss opening a Roth IRA, monthly budgeting, finding jobs with retirement plan options, and smat real estate knowledge.

What's Happening on Wall Street: Episode 3

In Episode 3 we talk Interest Rates, Earnings, and the Banking Crisis. What do strong earnings mean for the Fed's fight against inflation? What is happening in the banking world? Take 4 minutes to educate yourself and stay ahead of the curve!

What's Happening on Wall Street: Episode 2

In Episode 2 of What's Happening on Wall Street, we talk about inflation, the data metric CPI, and the impact all this has on your hard-earned money. Inflation is an extremely hot topic in 2023, stay up to date with bi-weekly market updates and make sure you are informed on the most recent Federal Reserve policy changes. 

What's Happening on Wall Street: Episode 1

What's Happening on Wall Street was created to give individuals a simplified sense of the most important news in the market. Want to know what is impacting your money? Tune in bi-weekly for our Pilot Wealth updates. In Episode 1, we discuss regional banks Silicon Valley and Signature Bank of New York, as well as the Federal Reserves Interest Rate decision from March 2023.