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Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

January 27, 2017

Like many young adults fresh out of college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career. My dad was a CPA, and an interest in finance ran in the family, so I assumed that would be the best route for me to take. I applied for an internship with a CPA firm and brokerage firm and, after hearing back from the latter, chose to embark on a career in finance. I didn’t know at the time that this would be the start of a fulfilling career pursuing my true calling.

Getting Started

I started my career in 1995 as an intern with PaineWebber, currently UBS, as a cold caller trying to fill retirement seminars for financial advisors. It was a humbling start, and I realized that if I could handle cold calling, I would enjoy working with people even more so.

I worked my way up to an advisor and, over the next decade, worked with UBS, Huntington National Bank, and Edward Jones. I found great joy in the relationships I was able to forge over the phone and in person. It were these relationships that drew me to financial planning, and inspired me to pursue a career as an independent financial advisor later down the road.

After years working with several different firms, I realized that the best way to serve people’s needs on a personal level was as an independent advisor running my own firm. This led me to form Pilot Wealth Management in 2014.

Forming Pilot Wealth Management

I created Pilot Wealth Management because I had a vision of running a firm that would serve as a leading provider of wealth management to hard-working families and business owners across the country. As a primarily fee-based only financial advisory and investment management firm, my goal is to go beyond the service level of the conventional wealth management firm and build strong, trusted relationships with every client.

So, why pilot? I don’t fly planes nor do I chart flight plans, but I know how important a well-designed financial course is for families. When families don’t have a plan, it can be difficult to travel the right financial path, encountering bumps and diversions along the way. But having a personalized strategy in place, with a supportive co-pilot guiding you along the way, can make the path ahead less strenuous.

This is the role I seek to play in my clients’ lives, serving as their financial co-pilot and navigator. Providing retirement planning, money management, and estate planning, I work with families and business owners who appreciate tailored financial strategies utilizing experienced investment managers and who are looking for simple investment strategies that they can understand and can easily track it's progress.

My Passion

Working in finance isn’t easy, and it can be timely finding people I can help and with whom I can build relationships and trust. However, I can’t imagine any other career. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to build so many relationships and to get to know people from all walks of life. I know that my clients are counting on me to take great care of their finances so they can provide a solid lifestyle for their family, and I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Regardless of the specific strategies or recommendations I provide, my overarching goal is always to provide my clients comfort knowing they can maintain their lifestyle. If such a relationship with an advisor sounds appealing to you, I invite you to reach out me so we can talk about your circumstances. Contact me today by calling 734-330-7033 or emailing

About Chris

Chris Rueger, AAMS® is the President and Founder of Pilot Wealth Management, a fee-based only financial advisory and investment management firm. With nearly two decades of experience, he serves as a financial planner who brings financial advice and investment guidance to families serious about their financial future. With all his clients, he strives to instill in them peace of mind that their life savings is being handled appropriately so they can maintain their desired lifestyle. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he works with clients locally and across the country. To learn more, connect with him on LinkedIn.